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May 12, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World: Lost Episodes
Girls, Girls, Girls

Zach is caught off guard when 2 female LP friends arrive unexpectedly on the farm. As he struggles to find things to do with them, it’s clear that Zach is not quite a lady’s man. Amy takes Molly, Jacob and their friends to a blustery day at the beach.
Update:  I don’t normally watch it, but I did this time.  I went to the Brann’s because they have cable and watched the show with my friend Bonnie and her granddaughter Taylor (who is the cutest two year old ever!  I love this girl).  Before the show, Taylor and I hung out and had a little bit of ice cream (yay Kristin!) and then we watched LPBW.  I’m so glad that they did the Casey/Jen visit and not something else I thought they were going to air.  Anyways that was no big deal. 

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  1. I can totally understand being concerned about how one is portrayed on television. But bring critical of it – considering that show is the only reason why the majority of people even know who you are – seems like biting the hand that (may) feed you (in the future). If you want to be part of this business, then I suggest you go along for the ride – rather than start criticizing the only television credit you have – and one that isn’t all that significant in the first place.

    Good luck with the talent show. I’ll look forward to watching.

  2. Wow J. Marsh, that was a little intense. I hear you though.

    It’s not really my only tv credit, although I understand my “career’s insignificance”.

    Respectfully speaking though, I was not criticizing anyone affiliated with LPBW. I understand that drama sells. I get the tension. That drama = ratings but also that it’s sometimes unnerving not knowing how you’ll end of looking. I also do not set out to be a reality tv star. Simply being friends with those who are brings both good and bad.

    This is a blog, so I was just trying to be honest.

  3. I missed it! And it doesn’t appear to be on the schedule, at least through 6/21, if I did that right. Boo. =0\

    Hope you’re well! =0)

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