too tired to think of one.


So I realize I haven’t blogged in awhile and really there hasn’t been anything super newsy in my life these days.  I have been kind of hiding out and thinking a lot.  Wow, way to be super vague and emo, huh?  Anything newsy I can’t really share yet, but I have been enjoying time with friends and time in the sun.

Of course the Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale was ah-mazing and totally renewed my faith in the show.  Gosh.  I could gush on the deep meaning I get from simple television but I won’t bore you since you already know.  But seriously, God usually talks to me most via Grey’s. 

This song played during the show, and it totally sums up my emotional state right now:

…What I’m gonna live for, what I’m gonna die for, who ya gonna fight for, I can’t answer that…

Don’t freak out if the answer seems obvious to you, because I’m really still thinking it through.  Faith has somehow gotten jumbled into the business of church which has kind of jaded me and made me sad.  And confused.  And tired.  And I finally made the decision that freed me to say that officially.  And I now have the freedom to say, Legalize LA, is a really great step for so many friends of mine. 

And I now realize I so relate to Meredith Grey in terms of my boy life.  Every time a nice boy comes into my life I have to resist running the opposite direction as fast as I can.

But I really am enjoying being free as a bird in so many ways right now…


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