and if i dont reach in there and grab as many of them as i can carry everyday, then i deserve to get sent right back there.

-“simon” on studio 60 (dl hughley)

salvation.  liberation.  redemption.  transformation.  i don’t just mean these in the born-again bible-believing hook-line-and-sinker way we’ve been taught.  i mean these words, yes, spiritually, but broader than just those who call themselves “christians”.  i’m talking about faith.  about beauty.  about art and truth and love.  i feel like if someone has extended these qualities to you, if they have reached into the muck and carried you out.  if they have delivered you.  if they have opened the doors to your dreams.  you should pay it forward.  if you seek integrity, i think it is necessary.  i don’t see how it is personally avoidable.  if someone ever opens the door to my dreams, a director thinks outside the box and casts me in a truthful, mainstream way…the only way i could live up to it were to extend that to others, wherever possible.  the joy from acting, from being paid to emote like that, would simply bubble over and i couldn’t help myself not to.  the joy would be impossible to contain.  what do you think?


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