hitting the sauce?


One of the wonderful mothers of the children I have the privilege of caring for is seriously hilarious.  (And I’ll be honest she is one of my 4 favorite classroom mothers).  One afternoon she asked me as she was picking her son up, “do you just hit the sauce the moment all these kids are out of here?”  Actually, I don’t, but I do do this:  I watch Kristen Wiig videos.  And if you don’t know her SNL characters like the “Target Lady”, “Penelope” or “Two A-Holes at A….” I’m sorry.  Maybe you’ve at least seen her scene-stealing moments in the fine film Knocked Up.  Either way, check this site out and you will be educated and a happier person for it.  Sometimes on a stressful day, I walk into Heidi (who basically runs the place) and we quote “Penelope”.

P.S. I am really excited for Baby Mama to come out on DVD in a month.  I love me some Poehler + Fey.


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