shrek pre-broadway

  • Sutton was fierce and probably too good for it.  That sounds mean but isn’t she like beyond some movie-remake?
  • They have a ton of Broadway stars in it, especially stars who’ve worked together before.  Reiterates the small worldness of Broadway.  The cast was very, very talented with what they had been given.
  • I think some numbers were rad, but generally the storyline at times felt overplayed and it seems like the Disney/Pixar musical movie remakes aren’t ever quite as rich as an original Broadway production.  It wasn’t dazzling, the story didn’t captivate me, mostly because I’VE ALREADY SEEN IT IN A MOVIE.  Some of the numbers made me want to get on stage and join in, a lot of other numbers were tired.
  • Relating to bullet above, being a Broadway superfan and Seattleite that gets very little Broadway, I’d think I’m an easy audience member to woo.  I wasn’t wooed.
  • Why did Shrek and Donkey mimic the Meyers/Murphy accents?  They literally used the same type of speaking voice.  Don’t copy two comedic geniuses, I humbly say.
  • Did I mention Sutton was fierce?  I am also pretty impressed with the career and work of John Tartaglia.

  • The fairy tale character ensemble was really good.  Precious.  Shout outs.
  • 3 hours is way too long for a musical of that nature.  Granted, it’s a Pre-Broadway engagement, so I am thinking they will probably e-d-i-t.
  • The first 30 minutes I was completely bored, the opening number was crappy – I think it should be deleted or at least majorly overhauled.  Maybe even recast.  It didn’t enrapture me, didn’t draw me in.  I probably wasn’t really drawn in until the Fairy Tale ensemble came out and then it got a lot better the next 3 quarters.  The first quarter was pretty much Pixar movie play-by-play, nothing really original or captivating.
  • Mad props for the “Bring me down [insert riff]” line they copied from Wicked as a little throw-back.
  • Being an LP, I thought the dwarf jokes were funny but maybe some Broadway director or producer would actually cast a dwarf as a dwarf rather than a little kid.  (You are welcome to hire me :))
  • It was definitely though (for Seattle) the theatrical event of the season.  It was about two stars in my book, maybe three.  I’d buy 3-4 songs off iTunes but not the complete cast recording as it is now.  And before you think I just downright didn’t like the musical, that’s not what I am saying.  3-4 of the songs are really gems, it just feels like you had to mine through everything else to get to them.  I just think they should edit it so that the diamonds shine through.  The songs between Shrek and Fiona and the main Shrek ballads were moving and lyrically strong.  Feeling like an outsider sometimes as a LP, I related to them.  They were powerful and really the message of the show.  They just got buried by less than stellar scenes bookending them at times.

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  1. That was a really good review, especially because you broke it down so well.

    I agree with Sutton, I mean she has had a steady career, but I feel like since Millie it has been a little downhill… I was not a huge fan of Chaperone.

    I thought the same thing with Shrek and Donkey from listening to the demos… like be a tad original.

    I would hire you… def.

    I think they will probs go back and re-work it… but I am excited to see it… I have always been a shrek fan… BUT the “Big Bright Beautiful World” opening does not work for me.. I listened to it with a friend and she was like do you have to be high to like it…

    I mean lyrics like: “Peaches and Creme… la la la…”

    ya know?

    Anyway I like your review and am super jeal that you got to see it.

    eric mathew

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