maybe because we don’t have a naacp or maybe because comedians don’t have to take classes in social responsibility or maybe because i’m just not “hilarious” enough to understand, i don’t get it. do they not think we have feelings?  do they not understand that i too have to live and breathe in the same world as them and sometimes they make me feel as if i should be ashamed i was created.  i mean the point isn’t just for the world to be “pc” and “nice”.  it’s just sometimes their words make me feel like i have to apologize for being alive.  i know i don’t, i’ll prove them wrong.  and maybe i shouldn’t give them the free advertising but youtube’s main page did and i just want to expose it and let the light heal the wounds.  maybe that’s not the best idea.  i don’t know.  i’m just being honest and maybe a little too vulnerable.

ps. i know a lot of little people let themselves be ridiculed via the media–they choose really degrading things.  i can’t just blame the creators of it since they are willing participants.  i so wish they would say no to it.  i wish they had more self-esteem.


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  1. That is just so degrading…on so many levels!
    I couldn’t even watch the whole thing without tearing up :(

    Maybe it’s just me, but ever since we found out that my best friend had a form of dwarfism, and ever since my involvement with LPA, and meeting so many wonderful new friends I can’t help but get upset when I hear the dreaded “M” word. It not only bothers me in this type of situation but even hearing the word now, in any form “makes my skin crawl”…
    I know it’s just because some people are not educated enough but that just makes me want to do everything I can to raise awareness about the effect things like this have on not only the LP community but also on family and friends as well.

  2. Geez Jen, that pisses me off! I can’t even believe people think that is funny. I really miss you and reading your posts makes it worse :(

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