how rude (of me)!


I felt particularly heinous yesterday when I was forced to learn a lesson from my littlest (albeit 6 foot) brother.  He is normally the “wild child” of the family, but let all who read this hear it straight from me–he was the mature one yesterday!  :)

So we’re walking through Macy’s because I am taking him shopping before he leaves for college in a few weeks.  Freshmen gotta look good, right?  Anyways, we’re walking when all of a sudden I sense someone following me very close behind.  I turn around in a semi-dramatic fashion (no, me?!) and this guy’s eyes are wide, mouth is gaping and he is engaged in ultimate starefest 2008 winning the gold medal by a landslide.  And normally I’m couth about these kind of things, I “get it”, I can roll with it, whatever.  But for some reason this is getting under my skin and I say loudly, “okay sir, your staring is getting really awkward and obvious.”  How rude of me!  So I turn back around  to check out his reaction and he gives me an eerily creepy wave and hasn’t for one second stopped staring plus now he is “looking me up and down”.  I notice his eyes are too wide for comfort so I start walking faster and glance at my brother who is being uncharacteristically cool as a cucumber.

He whose website is called “awkwardpeet” hasn’t been the least bit awkward, in fact, he’s been a ray of stunning maturity as his sister crumbles under the stares. 

“What’s his deal?” I whisper to my brother.
“He’s slow.”
“Jen…he’s slow.  He has a mental handicap.”
“Really?  Oh crap.” 

Suddenly inside my 4’1″ self seems to shrink to 2 inches and I feel bad.  Really bad.  Of all the mindless staring I have been gracious about (like how I give myself props?) only to take it out on someone with difficulties.  Lesson learned.  Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.  I was immature and mean.  And my brother was kind enough to understand that the endless staring sometimes really can drive a person mad.


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