emmy revue


 first of all, mad props to eric mathew  who inspired the live-blogging for his vma live-blogging, i tried my hand at it this time.  vma’s might provide a little more CRAZY than this event which is a little more “regal”.  (btw, did anyone think they really tried to step it up and compete with the oscars this year?  it was a little boring, but it seemed like they were trying to be more glamorous.  and they gave crazy MAD PROPS to the writers several times).

  • started out with oprah, bringing out the big guns from the getgo. she’s giving the speech, but i am hoping for some jokes.  they are showing a lot of the more legendary actors in the audience rather than the up-and-comers, (meryl streep, etc). as if to pump up the glamour of oscar’s little sister, emmy.  as if to say WE ARE LEGITIMATE.  you already were no need to prove.
  • now out with the illegitimate child of television, reality.  eh, the hosts are not that funny yet.  seacrest is trying hard.  okay heidi klum is gorgeous, i know.  we get it.  even in a suit.
  • here comes amy poehler and tina fey to the RESCUE!  blah blah blah i like rainn wilson.  dwight schrutte needs to win something soon.

  • okay best supporting actress in a comedy…please be kristin chenoweth, but i think it’s gonna be amy poehler. i was wrong either way.
  • hoping for rachel griffiths to win best actress in a drama, gosh i’m like 0-2.
  • have they always done such a long segment for the writers noms or is this to keep things peachy after last year’s strike?  they actually read every writer’s name
  • blah blah blah again.
  • josh groban’s little musical montage to tv theme songs was actually pretty fun!  i am fully amused. :)
  • were those real rockettes, if so, who were they–tell me girls! :) 
  • blah blah blah…tina fey just won…YAY!!!  a GENIUS.
  • paul giamatti is precious in an awkwardly charming way.  he actually seemed darling rather than moody tonight.  (and i get the artist way = loads of moody/brooding = takes one to know one).
  • something weird in the technical department just went down when america ferrera and vanessa williams were presenting.
  • “bozo the clown” died this year?  no offense, but is he “real”?  maybe this is dating me as a young’un.
  • tina OWNS THE NIGHT with her 3rd win, but it has kind of been a boring, lackluster night to own. 
  • the reality show co-hosts get a thumbs down from me as emcees.
  • none of the speeches were that moving/inspiring.  the emmy’s did not get a mad props from me tonight.  still though, i hope to be there someday! (snaps).

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