school has the plums


Kate & Katie

School has the plums, Kate says.

So the school I teach at has major plumbing issues that have kept us closed all week.  We were open Monday but then on Tuesday around 8:30am we closed unexpectedly.  So on Tuesday morning I scooped up my Katie Bug and we went to Kate’s house for the day.  My assistant came with us for a little while and then we had a playdate with sweet Georgie.  The rest of the week thus far has included trips to the aquarium, the little gym, seeing my little Farah and Mad, and enjoying quality bonding time with two precious girls.  I am enjoying making a little extra money and having paid vacation while the school is closed, although I realize what a pickle this is for most parents.

But there is something about crisis that invigorates the deeply relational part of me.  My heart is  full when we band together.  It’s so lonely and isolating out there sometimes.  Not just because I’m single, but because I’m young and “independent”.  The independence is so freeing and fulfilling in one way, but truly experiencing the whole “it takes a village” is so nurturing to my heart.  To be able to mother and nurture two sweet girls who are not mine is a gift, I am honored that their mothers are willing to share them with me.  And yes, my heart felt held on Tuesday night when we elected our next president.  No one wishes for crisis, but the gift of it is that it can draw us near. There are moments when we reach out and band together and those moments are so far and few between.


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