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sara, whose blog i recently discovered tagged me. (we both share a dear, dear friend melissa and went to college together).  so here goes, 7 of many things that are weird/random about me.

  1. i hate pantyhose or tights.  footless tights and leggings i adore, but i really hate the feeling of pantyhose on my feet.  especially those annoying bootie pantyhouse they make you put on your feet when you try on shoes, although i totes understand why they do it.
  2. i abbreviate a lot of words, not on purpose, but it is just in my vernacular (big word for an abbreviator, eh?)  it annoys some people, it amuses others, some find it hard to follow.  example, totes in #1.  totes means totally.
  3. i am afraid of throwing up.  other than last year once, i have not done it since 4th grade.  i will fight it as long as humanly possible, even though i know it will make me feel better.  i remember crying every time i threw up as a child.
  4. i embrace the tacky.  sheena and i recently had a talk about this, but this includes tulle, plastic accessories, betsey johnson-esque creations.  being elegant is so darn expensive, sometimes i simply need to rock 80’s tacky plastic.
  5. everyday i put clothes on in the back of my mind is “what costume will i wear today?”  okay, obvs (obviously) i was born to be an actress. :)  or at least strive to be one.
  6. i can pinpoint exactly where my fear of spiders began.  i had a subscription to “zoobooks” magazine as a child and there was a closeup of a tarantula’s eyes on the cover of one of the issues.  i did not know what it was but as soon as i discovered, i was terrified.
  7. i won a LOT of coloring contests as a kid.  once i won a 96 count box of crayons, another time a gift certificate and i bought black keds sneakers.  but i am told i won at least 12 contests.

okay that was randomly fun, thanks sara!  now i’m tagging the following 7 friends whose blogs i enjoy:

  1. kristin
  2. sheena
  3. hilary
  4. eric c.
  5. rachelle
  6. ryan 

and finally a college friend i haven’t talked to in years, whose blog i love:

    7.   sarah.  she has adorable kids too.


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  1. Oooh this is really fun. I am excited to be a part of it obvs. anyway I have been thinking of them all day.

    1. I lived in Bermuda from ages 3-6. Most people don’t believe me because who would moved to Bermuda? But, my dad was transfered there and so we lived on the island for 3 years… and no the stories aren’t true.

    2. I don’t care how much clothes or accessories cost, I will still buy them. I think of every item as a way to describe you. I have been known to spend $200 on a bag. Whatev it’s cute.

    3. I get really excited when big Broadway news happens. Whenever I log onto B-way world, I always hope something BIG will be on there… some say lame… others say great!

    4. I have a not-so-secret obsession with the Indigo Girls. I think it’s because people at camp used to sing their songs and now I just love them, I think I am a secret lesbian.

    5. I love American Apparel underwear. Some people thing they are expensive, but adding a little color in a place no one sees can be so much fun…right?

    6. I need to be successful. No joke, I strive for it. I think I am on the right track… so I am pretty confidant.

    7. I always submit my blogs to Rosie… for some many reasons… I want to go on the cruise, I want to meet her, I want to guest on her blog… I just basically love her and want her to love me.

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