mac master class


i had a glorious weekend.  first of all it was sunny and hello seattle we needed that!  second of all, my friend jeré and i took katie bug and katie sue to paint pottery.  after i dropped katie bug off, kate and i hung out while jeré went to a housewarming party. i had a total blast playing the “playdough magic swirl icecream shoppe” and i felt like a three year-old right alongside her. i mean, remember the kind of playdough contraptions that let you make noodles or hair or whatever that was? this is like the fierce bedazzled version 11.0 that makes ice cream cones, sundaes, sprinkles, everything! it even comes with sprinkly white, brown and pink playdough.

this morning we went out to this total cute little breakfast place in west seattle and i saw alki in the sunshine! and tonight, the real point of this post, i went to a mac master class taught by the amazing senior artists, victor cembellin and caitlin callahan. i am blessed with a mac pro card because of doing radio city and acting, which allows me to take classes alongside makeup artists.  i am also hoping to get more involved in that industry soon-ish. i felt totes profesh (professional!)  it was a blast. such good teachers and such gifted communicators. but then i talked to them after and they became like superstars to me.  they are way cool. 

they are hilarious and so need to have their own show together. (hear me tlc?) and caitlin is like naturally gorgeous and even more precious for helping me learn to contour my cheekbones. but seriously, get the two of them together just being silly and i could be entertained for hours.


i learned about working with makeup for hdtv and took lots of notes. i’m too sleepy to get into all that i learned but i will save that for a later post. don’t worry. for now, just know that victor and caitlin are uber-wonderful and hilarious.



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  1. Jen!
    That sounded so much fun! How your true test will be…can you make one over tired, hasn’t seen make up in a year, mom of a one year old. Now thats a test!

    I love reading your blog! Its able to take me away and I get to learn about all things girly (and not just motherly).

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