i just don’t get it


so my brother convinced me to pull an all-nighter the other night and go to the early, early god-forsaken after thanksgiving day sales.  we left at 4am.  and as much as i like to buy gifts or shop, this is the first and LAST year i will ever do this.  nothing sounds good to me at 4am except sleeping.  nothing is worth the $20 i might save, particularly standing in long lines and dealing with the masses.  i am just not into it.  i did get 24 things of full-sized playdough for $6 at target which was a HUGE deal for my nursery school classroom…but that was basically it.  i love my little {BIG} brother to death and it was sooo good to see him after he was away all fall, but other than spending time with him, nothing about going to the early-bird sales was worth it.  the early bird may catch the worm, but he sure as heck will be grumpy all day.  mad props to those of you who can do it with a smile on your face, but this girl is just not one of those people.


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