why i’ve been delinquent


this has been such an enriching , tiring week but you wouldn’t know it from my lack of posting.

  • hung out with new friend jason, my dearest barista after running into him and his boy at trader joes.
  • connected with a new friend named jack who seems like a total gem.
  • got 15 little 3 year olds through their parts at the christmas program tonight.
  • nannied a ton–so much so that i have a carseat in my car most of the time. 
  • spent a weekend eating delicious food and having girl time with my friend jere’ and her daughter kate.
  • took katie bug to hear bernadette peters and we went to mac to get her her first well-earned lipgloss and see my favorite rick.
  • zach and i planned some upcoming cahoots.
  • lisa and paul come home (finally!) in almost 2 weeks after being gone 3.5ish months!
  • my classroom is looking very cute and festive!
  • anticipating some upcoming trips! :)

what have you been up to?


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