awkward grocery store moments


for the most part, grocery stores always include awkward moments as i scan the aisles looking for friendly-ish faces walking by to see if they can grab the lilac scented tide detergent on the top shelf.  i’ll stand there for 3 minutes and then if no one walks by, i usually settle for choice #2.  i used to climb the shelves more often which is just always even more awkward as 1. i don’t usually dress for success (forget to change out of a dress or something into more climbing-appropriate clothes) 2. the stares i get from that act are more awkward than the typical “she’s a dwarf” stares.

anyways, today’s edition of “awkward grocery store moments” is affectionately called “awkward check-out moment”.  so the lady’s bagging my assortment of random purchases and then at the end she goes, “i really like that little people happy planet show”.  this brings me to my first note.  no one seems to get the title right, here is an assortment of misnomers i have heard…

  • little people in the world
  • little people big planet
  • little big people
  • people big world
  • people in a big world
  • or my personal favorite, midgets in a big world (don’t you just love its pc-appeal!) :)

for the sake of this blog, we shall call it lpbw, or lpb-dubs for the remainder of this post. 

anyways, so after she tells me she likes “little people happy planet” she asks me if i know about it.  bringing me to awkward crossroads of “what do i say?”  do i say, “yes, i’ve heard of it” or “well my friends are on it so i don’t really watch it” or “yeah, i’ve been in and out of some 20-odd episodes.”  i usually just smile and nod because anything else sounds pretentious to me.  i figure if she watches it as regularly as she claims she might recognize me.  i used to assume i wasn’t really on the show but google alerts seems to inform me that some people do know who i am from the show and imdb tells me i’ve been on about 14 episodes.  since i don’t really watch it (other than the mike finale), i just usually hear when i’m on it from random texts from friends that say “you’re sweeping roloff house” (actual text quoted). 

but i digress.  back to the lady… she probably doesn’t watch it regularly and is just using the topic as a means of connecting so it doesn’t matter.  i also wonder, well maybe to her all little people look alike (i get that a lot) so even if she does watch it regularly, she doesn’t make the connection.  since i am just a background friend on the show, any of the above responses sound laced with pretentiousness.  truth be told, i have seen maybe 10% of the last 4 seasons because up ’til a few weeks ago i never had cable and it feels oddly voyeuristic to be watching my friends.  (i mean, i wouldn’t wanna stare in any other friends’ windows to see what they’re up to on a given day).  or even if i weren’t close with them, i wouldn’t really watch it because in a lot of ways, i live that life so why watch it.

anyways, all the forementioned options just sound silly and awkward and snobby so i just smile and nod and go about my day and come home and blog about it.  :) 

and before all the lpbw-haters start commenting me saying “who do you think you are little girl”, trust me, i echo your sentiments.  i know.  but these are just musings from my life, and i can’t seem to go a day without someone asking me if since i’m a little person, i’ve heard of that little people show.  (btw, as annoying as it can be–i’m thankful young lp kids everywhere finally have someone to look up to and i hope against hope that i can be another person they can see and respect).


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  1. For the record, people get questions likes that for all sorts of things. People with multiples get “Do you watch John and Kate Plus 8??”. CSI-type people get, “Do you watch CSI Whatever??” People with big families get, “Do you watch the Duggars??”

    Not that you were saying that, I know you weren’t. Just wanted to point out that people do it about everything, so it must just be to make conversation.

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