now this one is kinda funny


so the other day i was getting my tires checked at the place where i as a girl usually feel stupid and conned car store and i was mildly flirting with the cute guy who was helping me.  we were talking, maybe it wasn’t really even flirting, but i was being nice and social.  anyways at the end of my transaction he goes, “oh and i think i know your son, ____.”  buzz kill.  now i realize i have a car seat in my car because of all the transporting i do of my little nanny-ees but seriously?!  to him i looked old enough to have a son that is 20 years old?  I’M not much over 20 years old.  and the best part was the kid he thought was my son was not even my dwarf brother BUT SOME OTHER DWARF i know.  i need a better lip gloss.  dang.


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