the oscars


I am extremely grateful to a new but very endeared friend who invited me to attend the Oscars this year.  I usually am pretty on top of it when it comes to my fashion wrap-up with major awards shows, this explaining the delay.  The only majorly obvious “hot mess award” this year for me was Sophia Loren’s outfit.  I am still in LA, returning home tomorrow evening.  I promise my fashion recap will be up soon.  My favorite moments of the awards were Hugh Jackman’s opening number with Anne Hathaway, the Slumdog Millionaire/Wall-E medley, Penelope Cruz’s and Kate Winslet’s speeches, and just the opportunity to see everything from a close vantage point.  It was truly a beautiful event, with the most beautiful looking even more beautiful in person.  I had an amazing time, and to Jack, I am very thankful, but beyond that–you are an unexpected but treasured new friend.  It was a wonderful 5 days here.   I am a grateful girl whose little girl dreams are coming true, one whose background never pointed to such possibility.


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