realistically hopeful


If you and I were to really get to know each other, you might gather that I tended toward being a closeted sad little girl with big, big song-and-dance to cover it. My dream of escaping into another person’s life through acting was culminated in watching the Academy Awards every year. I would often make a fort in my room and line up all my stuffed animals and make acceptance speeches. I was transfixed by the power of storytelling and the realization that humans could connect globally through television and film. In America at least, screen time is power. While this is admittedly a silly value, as a little girl I connected the dots. I had never really seen another little person on television before–so I believed that I was a sub-species of humankind and not as valuable. Ever since I was a little schoolgirl, I dreamed something different for the next generation. The thing I am most passionate about is acting, and specifically telling stories that might somehow help future children believe in a future for themselves.  Through my family background and through my dwarfism, spending most of my childhood feeling as if I were a sub-species is what fuels me today to act.  It is the thing that I live, breathe, and dream about on a daily basis.

“I grew up in a place…where this was not a very realistic dream”.

-Penelope Cruz

I am thankful though that our hearts know that realistic dreams never make us very happy.

My favorite acceptance speeches this year—beautiful, beautiful, beautiful:

Glorious musicale nod:

(I couldn’t find the Slumdog/Wall-E Medley on youtube but it was even more moving in person–I teared up both times I saw it live.  I also loved the “Craigslist Dancers” and “Reader” portion of Hugh Jackman’s opening number).


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