oscars fashion 2009



Okay so Brad and Angelina (those emeralds!), Penelope (her sister, brother and friend too!) and Kate (seems like such a sweet-natured person) were obvious GORGEOUS entertainment.  Do we really need to dish there?  (And BTW, Brad and Ang are even more pretty-pretty-pretty in person).

Here were the surprise lesser known fash-on and off’s for me.



JESSICA BIEL–in person was stunning.  I can see how the dress and hair didn’t read as well on camera but I didn’t think it was that bad.  But in person, she was very beautiful and actually very sweet and fun to talk to.  I will say the bottom hem of the dress and the shoe did not work.

MARISA TOMEI–while I admit I haven’t seen “The Wrestler” I was admittedly surprised at her fashion comeback after the Globes–I thought she came full circle.

HEIDI KLUM–in person AND on camera, was beyond gorgeous.  I must admit that I’ve never really cared about her one way or another, but seriously, in person–girl was beautiful!   I kept looking at her, less than 4 feet from us, going, how in the heck does a woman who’s had tres enfants look like that?  Her dress was fashion forward, her skin flawless and there’s a reason she’s a SUPERMODEL.


TILDA SWINTON–never been too crazy about her fashion choices before, but in person, she is very pretty in a unique way.  I always appreciate something that is more on the eccentric side but still beautiful.  Lanvin was such an excellent choice–she finally seems to know how to pull together her avant garde/deconstructivist tendencies in a way that works for her.  Skin was flawless.



MILEY CYRUS–still not sure what to think.  I’m not a total dress hater, I just don’t think it was the best fresh choice for her young age.  As my friend Adam said, she was giving Christmas tree Snow Princess ala Radio City!

VANESSA HUDGENS–I think her dress read way better on camera than in person while for me, ZAC EFRON’S hotness reads even hotter in person…not gonna lie! :)


AMY ADAMS–not crazy about the way the red on red carpet reads on camera, not crazy about the necklace, but still tres chic.

FRIEDA PINTO–not crazy about the dress, but she is GORGEOUS entertainment and her skin is flawless in person.

NATALIE PORTMAN–is still very beautiful no matter what–but in person I think her makeup was too dewy while on camera reads much better.  but still we’re both 100% israeli, so shout outs on that. :)


MERYL STREEP–is giving it to us and seriously was working some 4+ inch Louboutin’s…fierce mama.


TARAJI HENSON–total look.  A+


SEAN PENN & ROBIN WRIGHT PENN–my personal pick for best dressed couple.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. & SUSAN DOWNEY–next best dressed couple…he was very stunning! :)


LESLIE MANN–read better on camera…she’s unique and disarming.


SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE KIDDOS–oh so cute!!!  did you guys hear them on the red carpet?  little cupcakes with “it” power, that’s what i tell you! :)

what were your thoughts?

**all photos courtesy of oscar’s redcarpet.


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