back to life, back to reality


i’m back peeps!  i spent a week in sayulita, mexico (near puerto vallarta) nannying for three little monkeys (a 4 year old girl, f, a 2 year-old boy, mad, and a 7 week-old babygirl, chuck.)  it was a lot of fun and i LOVED the sunshine and the beach.  so now i’m back and wondered if anyone had any topics that they would like me to blog about.

so this is your chance, pick a topic, any topic and post it in the comments section and i will wax poetically (hopefully!) about it…k discuss…



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  1. 1. I didn’t know you were adopted. Maybe I missed a blog or maybe you haven’t blogged about it yet, but I’d like to hear more about your history. Have you met your biological parents now that you’re an adult?

    2. On the topic of adoptions, your parents who adopted you are LP. Do you know the stats on LP couples adopting kids? Do they usually adopt LP or AP?

    3. As a Christian with an um, gay-friendly, attitude how did that come about? A lot of Christians use the Bible to say they’re against homosexuality. How come you don’t quote Leviticus (Thank God!!!!) like other Christians? Did your attitude only change when you met friends that were gay or did you never believe the anti-gay messages in the Bible that many people like to cling to?

    4. This isn’t a question you can answer unless you’ve talked to him about it and can relay an answer….you mentioned you have a LP friend who is gay. I would be very interested in knowing what he feels has been more difficult to be accepted – Being a LP or being gay?

  2. “so this is your chance, pick a topic, any topic and post it in the comments section and i will wax poetically (hopefully!) about it…k discuss…”

    You asked, so I’m holding you to it :)

    From the Rumor Mill!

    Jen, are you and Zach more than “just friends”? Rumors say you’re closer than you two let on…how come your closeness isn’t really talked about on LPBW? Hence, the rumors that you and Zach are keeping your budding romance a secret…

    What is your relationship with Zach? Are you just friends? Could you ever see it develop into something else?

    Next question:

    Are you attracted to average size guys or LP guys?

    Sorry for the tough Questions but they had to be asked :) Keep up the good work.

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