reach on out


Ok so the internet seems to be ablaze with commentary regarding Miss California USA’s response to gossip blogger and pageant judge Perez Hilton’s question on gay marriage. Suffice it to say Miss Cali USA’s response was very divisive and one would think even if she supports the hateful ban on gay marriage she could craft a more compelling answer. I echo other sentiments I have read that she made her answer too personal and did not show compassionate diplomacy. Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler (credible source in this instance) stated that had Carrie Prejean won she would not have been the first conservative Christian. And with Prop 8 having passed her opinion seems to still be the majority, sadly. But a Miss USA does compete in Miss Universe and must be able to represent various groups with dignity.

Hilton suggests she could have even stated that she would leave it up to each state. I wonder if Miss Cali could’ve won with anything less than a progressive answer.

Regardless of Miss Cali’s narrowmindedness, my real purpose of this blog post is none other than Miley Cyrus. Love her or not, girlfriend made a cool $40mil last year. And I’ve already admitted publicly that I quite enjoy her new ballad “The Climb”.

Ok getting to the point here… Hilton’s “love you or hate you” style of borderline personality disordered blogging has never been favorable toward Cyrus. He’s been downright cruel and “Miles” seemed genuinely hurt.


But leave it to Twitter to bring us all together. Today, several of Perez‘s posts seem genuinely affected (yes I am using genuine and Hilton in the same sentence). To which Miley summons up her class, takes the high road and reaches out to offer words of support and encouragement. She gave a thought out message detailing the ways she believes it is ungortunate that Jesus gets intermixed with messages of hate and that she was concerned he was sad/hurt. (She’d already twittered to Perez that his comments were hurtful a few weeks back and he did not rescind even his “slut” comment). Pretty classy of a 16 year old. Mad props Miley. Mad props. Now THAT’S Jesus-y.


At the end of the day I’m shocked we’re all still talking about a stupid beauty pageant but we are.


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