send out a sos– :)


I really miss blogging. Let me say that again. I really miss blogging.

My laptop is broken and the cost to repair it isn’t worth it because it’s really not worth that much. It seems like laptops age like dogs do–so 6 years means my laptop is majorly senile. I miss it though. I looked at the new MacBook tonight and could probably do it with interest-free financing but spending heaps of cash makes me so nervous. So I will probably continue to wait. I can borrow my dad’s laptop every blue moon or so. So here’s my little catch-me-up-end-all-be-all-blog-for-June probably.

So what’s up! :)

I’m moving to LA the end of July to live with a friend in West Hollywood. We’ll see what happens from here–auditioning, hopeful projects, worky shmirky, we shall see. Taking a leap of faith–can’t wait to see my friends down there but will miss life, friends, family, my preschool/nanny kidsies up here. Won’t miss the rainy, dreary, dark but I’ll miss the skyline and the nerve-wracking first and second dates over coffee and so much more!

Taking the leap–soon to jump! More to come soon. XOXO


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