la la land


Hey! Sorry for my lack of posting–I’m getting ready to move to LA in 3.5 weeks. Crazy! I’m looking forward to seeing Adam, Karie, Jack and co. more often but also happy I made a new friend! Yay! She’s Sara Mann, backup singer for Miley Cyrus and freakishly talented. And I can already tell she’s my kinda person, real, earthy, honest, a little sassy and easy to talk to. Maybe you should pop on over to her blog here and comment her so she keeps writing more!

You can check her out in the video below…and I must admit it is kinda funny because before I knew her, “The Climb” was definitely my move-to-LA anthem. Full circle as Oprah says! :) Haha. I’m planning on seeing Sara perform in the Miley/Metrostation tour.

I also have gotten to host my dear friend Rachelle as she’s back from Denmark for a bit which has been absolutely lovely.

Okay, my dad took 90% of my stuff to storage today so my apartment is looking a little bare. Despite my excitement it’s a little bittersweet saying goodbye to everyone. I’m doing things gypsy style and only taking 3 large suitcases to LA, most of which will be filled with clothes! :)



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