i’m here


hello l.a.!  i’m finally here, after 24 hours of travel upon which my brother and i made a movie which is in its editing stages and will be posted soon.  it’s actually pretty funny, if i do say so myself.  two feelings come to mind in regards to my first week in l.a. — grateful to be doing this and scared out of my mind!  i’ve travelled a lot and even lived in toronto on tour for three months but that’s just it–it was travel or i was on tour and all the details were taken care of.  this is my first time uprooting myself completely, taking 10% of my stuff (the rest is in storage) and moving.  i’m really proud of myself for doing it, really grateful that i can do it and also feeling typical fears and insecurities.

like will i ever have the community i had in seattle?  will i fit in? typical stuff that takes you back to the cafeteria in high school or your first day of elementary school.

so far i don’t even mind the traffic that much and i LOVE the weather.  i’m grateful for the area of town i live in and for the housing situation i am in.  sure, money’s a little tighter and i’m a little less adorned with cute clothes and kitschy room decor, but all in its own time.  i’m so grateful to have made some new friends and to reconnect with some old friends.

welcomer of the year award goes to:


sara mann, whose lovely, warm home i was just at.  (seriously check her stuff out here!)  she had a gathering of interesting people to watch her perform with miley cyrus on the teen choice awards.  she even had the cutest little-like-me cupcakes because today is my birthday.  thank you!!  my friend count may even be up to like 10 now!  ha.  i am grateful!


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