eschalon is a big word and i gots to use it!


christine staub

giudice'sso for all you real housewives of new jersey trainwreck viewers like me, this post is a little bit about competition and i’m sure the talons are out between teresa giudice and danielle staub considering christine staub (danielle’s 15 year-old daughter) just got a mega deal being signed by the elite img models.  the show followed teresa giudice’s attempt to get little daughter gia signed to wilhemina models.

that’s just my shallow note today–now onto more meaningful subject matter…

competition creates better products.  alliances create better companies.

-brian graham

maybe for some of you this topic is BLAH BLAH BLAH, but i’ve been thinking about it a lot.  i’m really grateful to have supportive, synergistic friends in the entertainment industry.  friends that are quick to help me be a better actor and there’s a reciprocity that makes our friendships feel equally encouraging.  i really don’t get the concept of desperate social climbing or not wanting everyone to be at the top of their game.  in my teaching experience, i’ve always felt that i am only as good as my assistant.  so a lot of my time and energy has gone into mentoring her so that she feels confident in her own abilities and thus brings more into the classroom.  i get how the entertainment industry is tough and very few people get into the elite upper-eschalon of success, but really?  how often, if ever, would i ever be going head-to-head against a friend for a role?  is it because i am a little person and let’s face it, if that’s not a niche–what is?  i guess entertainment industry aside–i just don’t get the whole concept of not helping other people realize their full potential.  i have a lot to learn from others and thankfully, i have a few things to offer the world as well.  this is starting to sound a little oprah–

it takes a village to raise a child…

but i really mean it.  thoughts?  comment below!  :)

photos courtesy of img models and flypaper.


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