sleeping to dream


i worked a lot this week.  i worked hard. i am exhausted. back to school night and general hustling to make things happen in LA kicked my bootay.  i have very few plans this weekend beyond catching up on  my dvr and getting ready to see my friend nikki james perform at musical mondays this coming week.  i’m so grateful she’s in LA for another month because i’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with her!

but my friend sara, had an even crazier week it sounds like.  i’m so behind on catching up on friends’ lives this week that i just finally got to see this.  miley cyrus has the flu or strep throat or something and sara was her standby that’s for sure!  wow.  now that is called professional! i am so proud to be her friend–a friend that can jump in and cover on a dime!  that takes talent.

my dear, dear friend stacey is getting ready for another season as a Radio City Rockette–this year in NYC!  I am so excited for her as well.  and my brother peet is going to be shooting wipeout in a month.  snaps!  hoping for my own excitement soon, but so proud of him!!


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