learning curve


Hi.  I did this video blog a couple weeks ago and it has taken me a bit to post it.  It’s such a topic close to my heart that I wanted to make sure it was just right before I shared it with you.  If I am anything, I must be honest, both with my successes and my failures, my strengths and my growth edges.  I am human.  This is just the first reflection of several.

Yes, I did Katy Perry’s Birthday Party as “dwarf entertainment”–with Taylor Swift, Perez Hilton and Julianne Hough.  I have to be honest.  Please leave me a comment–I would love to know what you think, if you have an idea for something else you want me to talk about, etc.

Eager to journey with you…



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  1. I got the link to your blog from Rachelle. My 17-year old plans on heading to Hollywood after graduation to go an acting academy. She wants to be an actress more than anything else. I passed along your blog to her, so she can have as many opinions, and as much information as she heads toward her dream. Thanks for being a voice to your experiences.

  2. This was clearly not easy for you, but kudos on being so brave to talk about learning such a tough lesson.

    A few things you said that I thought were so true:
    – Kristen Chenoweth and Peter Dinklage are both amazing!
    – We have not come far enough- LP, LGBT, African-Americans, you are right about that. I do think that in some cases, we have come far enough in the gay community to play up some stereotypes for entertainment (Jack on Will and Grace comes to mind) but overall, we have a long way to go.
    – Go to college~ No truer words were ever spoken.

    Thanks for such a great video and post. I always enjoy your blog.

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