what the horrible fashion?


grammy’s – haven’t watched them yet.  socialness took precedence and too tired to watch them now.  did catch all the red carpet arrivals thanks to e!’s seacrest and guiliana.

i really only have 2 HONORABLE MENTIONS?!?!

two? this is so sad.  where was all the FABULOUS FASHIONS?

carrie underwood knocked it out of the park and i’m not even a huge fan of her music/look.  she gets #1 in my book.

and ri-ri gets an honorable mention because she looked good and not like a train wreck.

now i know this is the grammy’s, when all the crazy schizo fashion comes out to play.  the problem was it just seemed lackluster, blah, boring.  moving on.  i’ll watch the awards tomorrow (i know, so 24 hours ago!) and get up-to-speed on pop-culture.


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