swell on earth?


i heard recently that life is measured by the risks you take.  moving to LA 8 months ago was a big risk.  let’s be honest, as much as my dad supports me, he is a man of stability and thought it was a little crazy! :)  but i was so lucky to find a job 3 days after i moved here that allows me to teach and be taught by solid, sound people.  i have learned a lot about leadership from my boss–that is rare in this day and age–to really look at your superiors and WANT to emulate their leadership abilities.  they push me hard to be better, stronger, and bring my best everyday.

sometimes LA is hard.  it’s a lot different than seattle, i explain it as a cross-cultural living experience where i am a student of this new city.  there are things i want to hold dear to me that seattle taught me–like not judging a book by its cover.  not that everyone in LA does that, but seattle is a champion of the hippie!

as much as i am a student of LA, a student of my job and a student to the entertainment industry–i do my research in popular culture as well. ;)  recently, i started watching kelly cutrone (founder of people’s revolution PR firm)’s show — “kell on earth.”  at first i found kelly too abrasive and to have abandoned all things feminine.  upon closer look, there is really a lot to be learned from “kell” if we are going to be so casual.  in the end, i respect her.

while kelly can be a little blunt and maybe not the type of person i’d have a heart-to-heart with over coffee, there are leadership traits that i would really like to emulate.  she doesn’t for one minute take her position of influence for granted.  she expects more out of herself than her subordinates and she realizes that nothing but hard work is going to keep her brand on top.  she is able to channel her softer side which is evidenced by her mothering of her daughter.  she has to compartmentalize a lot.  i don’t think that is asked of men the same way it is asked of women leaders.  and like the title of her new book, “if you have to cry, go outside.” (i really want to read this btw).

today, someone in my personal life really hurt my feelings.  i think it boils down to loyalty but i thought about how kelly cutrone, on top of her game, would handle it.  she would say, if i gave up every time someone hurt me, i would have not only not been successful but i would have missed the lesson.  in this case, the lesson is to trust my gut instincts and see the warning signs that were definitely along the road.  whether or not you believe in karma, i think my response to a slight is what i contribute to the situation.  taking the high road isn’t necessarily for the other person, it is the character building moment i have to offer myself and the energy i put out there.  i think in the end, the truth always comes out and people’s true colors are revealed.  moments become choices become habits become patterns become lifestyles become reputation, or maybe this is in the wrong order, but you get the point.


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