dear alyson


Dear Alyson,

No need to present yourself as a wise sage at 16.  There’s something FRESH in acting your age.  Acting overly mature can be a sign of immaturity – a knowledge that you’re an itty, bitty 16 year-old is what would make you seem mature.  Have fun!!  You’re only 16 once, enjoy the silliness of it all.  I’m 26 and the maturity that ten years brings forces me to realize, I. know. nothing.

Past tense is for people who’ve died.  Unless you know something I don’t Stevie Wonder is still very much with us.  As is India.Arie.

Wow, so many synonyms I can’t even quite figure out if you really know those words or are using a thesaurus.  Too. many. synonyms. that. all. mean. the. same. thing.

I didn’t know putting out a CD had anything to do with MLK, Jr. or Nelson Mandela.  Hmmm.  It’s great you’ve got values and ideals, you just don’t have to take yourself so seriously.  Overdone.

Love and Lisa Frank stickers,



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