to be irreplaceable


in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.  –coco chanel

love this question, how does it feel in this moment for that little girl from baltimore who was told you can’t and you will not? this little girl from seattle needs to keep echoing what mo’nique said, “i can, i will and i did.”  i can’t say “i did” yet, because the season has not come, but i am desperately trying to hold on to hope.

“…i’m gonna tell you why.  i have to go to the people i have to go to–because they were the ones who came to me when no one did.”

“have you ever had a dark moment when you were unlovable?…didn’t you want someone to love you through it?  everybody deserves to be loved even when they’re unlovable.”

“some journalist wrote, ‘someone needs to teach mo’nique a lesson.  someone needs to tell her how this game is played.’  and i’m very proud to be a part of an academy that says ‘we will not play that game.  we will judge her on her performance and not how many dinners she attended.'”

“well don’t aspire to be in these shoes, walk in your own.”

“it’s been only about 30 years so when i say don’t give up on your dream, i mean it quite literally.  be tenacious.  work on stories you truly truly believe in because then no obstacle is too great.”

i love when the journalist asks her, “when did you begin to hope?”

i have been hoping for a long time.

when did YOU begin to hope?

go mo’nique!  go sandra!  go kathryn!  thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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