american beauty?


what do you all think?  post howard stern commentary about gabourey sidibe–susan powter offers her two cents.  i must admit that howard stern’s communication style is sort of lost on me, i found him mean so i kind of brushed the whole thing off.  i find him offensive a lot of the time–and i can never stand for making fun of someone or being cruel–c’mon i get what that feels like. but susan powter got me thinking and made me take a closer look at what howard was really trying to say, before his abrasiveness ruined it.  this whole conversation has spurred a lot of thoughts for me, as it relates to beauty in hollywood.  before i can fully respond, i think we need to define and clarify our terms–are we speaking about health and wholeness or about subjective beauty or about hollywood’s affections?  three completely different precepts.  i’ll come back to these thoughts after they have fully ruminated.  what do you think?  please leave your thoughts.

if you really want to follow-up, susan responds here and here.


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