little tokyo magic


It has to be said that I am a sucker for all things kitschy, ridiculous and a little bit out of control.

So when I saw these vintage Avon perfumes in a little retro thrift shop, I HAD to take a picture.  If it’s quirky, weird, miniature…I am very indiscriminating and will probably love it.  And did you know, “to kitschify” is an actual verb?!  Out of control.

So when Sara, Alex and I went to get yummy ramen in Little Tokyo last weekend, I was so down.  I’ve always wanted to go to the legit real Tokyo.  My friend Liz Porter recently went and I was pretty much obsessed with her photos–completely ridiculous.

I mean, really, I like fruits but I didn’t know how much I would like them on sponges:

So when I saw the words “miniature donut SURPRISE” I just had to know what was going on:

And then of course, some Panda Goodness:

Hopefully someday I will get to Tokyo, but until then I have to enjoy finding the kitsch in legit places around LA!  Viva the chotchkes!


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