life is full of wonder; love is never wrong


life is full of wonder, love is never wrong.

-melissa etheridge brought to me by haviland stillwell

what do you guys think?  talk to me…for more information, check out the following links that i referenced in the video above: haviland stillwell and magpie girl.

PS. one of the most generous people of faith I have met–an excellent writer, thinker and all-around kind man – brian mclaren’s thoughts here.


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  1. I love the concept of “curating.” Christianity, after all, is what early followers of Jesus curated from the Jewish tradition, plus a bunch of extras. It’s been instiutionalized for so long now, that we often forget this form of faith was once completey experimental and self-defined by a small group of experimentors.

    I totally relate to Anne’s decision. Even the most liberal churches have too much in-fighting for me, and too many requriements that don’t “bear fruit” in my ife. But I also respect those who are called to work for change/equity from the inside.

    And remember, remember — most of what we call Christianity today was started by people the estabilshment called heretic. (Heretics Unite!)

    Love you, firecracker!

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