this is your moment


Just left Jack & Bill’s where I screened Bill Condon’s pilot “Tilda” for HBO. Acting masterclass by Diane Keaton. BRILLIANT!!! Blog to come. @jenmontzingo

140 characters were simply not enough.  diane keaton, you are standing at the edge of your moment.  welcome back.  annie hall of 2010.  i’ve always enjoyed you, i knew you were a talent to be reckoned with, but it always seemed that you were a shrinking violet into what hollywood wanted you to be; pithy, cute and a meg ryan +10 years.  but with bill condon, you have taken it to another level.  i was enraptured by the pilot–on so many levels–i am not sure what i can and cannot say about it.  but i will say this.  actors = amazeballs, plot = riveting, music = whoa, cinematic television at its best – a mini movie… bill condon — wow.  you’re a genius.  you’ve taken the very best of ms. keaton and made magic.  i got chills.  hear this loud and clear–when this airs, watch this.  it’s magic.  in the first ten minutes you can tell that ms. keaton will be accepting an emmy for this.  work. of. art.


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