I must credit fashion designer Sheena Gao’s post here for bringing these photoshopped images to my attention.  You will get to know Sheena and Laura of INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN soon as I will be interviewing them and showing you some of their amazing fashions on my blog.  Sheena, Laura and I are going to get to be working together soon in Hollyweird, so I just want to show you some of their awesome pieces.

Anyways, wow…photoshop:

I know I have posted this before:

but the photoshopped images above continue to make this cause so real.  This is nuts.  I too spent the last many years wanting to emulate a fake glamour, a real lie, and never felt skinny/pretty/wonderful enough.  Girls, Hollywood is not real.  It is magic…enjoy the magic but don’t find your value in it–none of these women wake up looking like stars.  What are your thoughts?


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