invisible international justice league of women kicking ass


Just because I’m a grown girl and I get to, I rewatched Rosie on Oprah and these two quotes continue to stand out to me, both of which are Rosie, speaking to Oprah.  The first one she is remembering her hysterical 3am call to Oprah after the Columbine shooting in which Rosie felt that her celebrity was so compellingly burdensome that she might be able to cure social ills– to the point of compulsion or an overarching guilt that she was responsible for ‘the world.’

“I think it’s because at the time it was 3 years after my show was on and I had this illusion about fame that it would come with a magic wand and I would be able to cure all social ills.  So when the first national tragedy happened when I considered to be ‘on my watch’ which was an illusion as well, I thought, well, I have to get the other superhero women to form a justice league…”

She now reflects with Oprah that this hysterical phone call was more about her reality check that celebrity cannot cure things like cancer and her coming to terms with this.  Oprah had a profound impact on Rosie’s life beyond what Oprah actually did or said in their relationship because of the power or the pedestal as she describes below:

“Okay because here’s the thing, you play a central role in the movie of my life, only you don’t know you’ve been cast in that.”

I often times think of my own childhood, growing up and watching Rosie on “The Flinstones Movie” and “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” and how she has played a central maternal role in my life and yet, she doesn’t really know it either.  Part of my desire to be a working, successful actress is to be able to be a part of the invisible international justice league of women kicking ass, and I have to realize that no amount of fame or money or power will allow me to cure the world of all social ills.

On the most dangerous drug, fame, and getting detoxed from it:

I felt the need to give back compulsively…[doing many charity events to take care of children] and my son would say, “why don’t you stay home and just take care of us?”



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