top 10 of 2010


as 2010 draws to a close–full of many changes yet much refinement and growth–here is my top 10 of this year!

  1. album of the year — mumford & sons “sigh no more”. very much enjoyed many other cd’s and artists — but “sigh no more” defines my year.  jennifer knapp’s “letting go” was also very brave and kicked ass!
  2. book: unbearable lightness by portia de rossi. prolific, brave, raw — most celebrities cannot write as only true writers do.
  3. blog: unabashedly, kelle cryderman hampton’s “enjoying the small things”. a. must. read.  A+++!
  4. tv show: i will always love “grey’s anatomy” but “private practice” wins. amy brenneman is teaching an acting master class.  audra mcdonald is legit cool.  and kudos to kadee strickland for her intense 3 episode arc that left me breathless.
  5. film: hmmm… did nothing this year rock my socks off?  trying to think…i know there’s only 7 days until country strong! but i’m not sure what i saw this year that changed my life.  social network was okay…”whip it” was cute!  love me some kristen wiig!
  6. magazine: rip “domino”. i miss you so much already!
  7. heroine: my mentor, bonnie fay brann, who never gives up on me despite how many times i give her a near heart-attack.  whose love and loyalty anchor me — words can never express.
  8. cause: to write love on her arms. would love to get more involved in this fabulous cause, along with IJM, BC/EFA and something for people with disabilities in Hollywood.
  9. stranger who i’m sending good vibes to: bradley whitford. show cancelled, divorce — he needs to come back with a hit tv show to show the rest of the world, once again, that nobody delivers sorkin dialogue like mr. whitford.
  10. concert: miley cyrus’ “wonderworld” tour. got to see my friend as her backup singer kick ass!  actually, the only concert i went to this year and i only went to the dress rehearsal.  dying to see mumford & sons or lady gaga.

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