letting go: a hiatus from social media


I’m nearing my two year mark of living in LA and as fun and amazing as it’s been–it’s also been an intense, cross-cultural experience.

Having recently spent a few months performing in a celebrity hotspot, while simultaneously teaching full time, thus carrying an 85 hour per week workload combining the two — I’m desperate to get my bearings again. For me, this means stopping the madness of the 24/7 celebrity-obsessed warp speed of media barragement. I can’t even drive home without passing a premiere, paparazzi waiting outside Katsuya and 15 huge billboards telling me who’s made it and who hasn’t. A simple stop at a coffee shop inevitably leads to overhearing a manager fight with their assistant and a PR agent flirting up some tabloid rep on the phone.

I need to breathe again. To pause. To reflect. To let go of the anxiety and pressure. I came here to do great work, to hone my craft, not rerun the highschoolesque rat race of “keeping up with the Jones’ career.”  So I am taking a break to refocus.

What does this mean? It means letting go of the pressure to always network and feeling guilty for sleeping. It means I really don’t need to check Deadline.com daily, always aware of whose pilot just got picked up.

And it means a one-month fast from social networking. I have 2 1/2 weeks left.  I’m praying for this be a time of reflection of growth.  And healing.

Letting go…


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  1. What a pity party? What I have gauged from your blog is that you were above this LA stuff. Don’t let it get to you, it’s not real and will not define you, ever.

    • Aww, thanks Lisa! Definitely need to lay off the pity party as you say–but we all have our momentary relapse. Thanks for the kind words and kick in the booty! :)

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