there’s nobody quite as mean…


“there’s nobody quite as mean as people being mean for jesus.” – rev. welton gaddy (baptist pastor, president of the interfaith alliance, and spiritual advisor to chely wright)

please, if you can, go see wish me away.  tell me about what you think…you can find the schedule of upcoming screenings by clicking here.  also, if you would like to learn more about chely, you can do so by clicking here.  if you are interested in purchasing her book, like me, you may do so here.  in regards to her music, i purchased lifted off the ground (favorite tracks include: “broken”, “notes to the coroner”, “like me”, “damn liar”, “wish me away” and “hamburg”).  i also purchased “between a mother and a child” (which is deeply personal to me) from her cd called, the metropolitan hotel, and “picket fences” from her cd, single white female.  had it not been for her documentary, i probably would have not been interested in her music.

if you’d like to see some of the trailers…


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