an open letter to rosie and chelsea



Dearest darlingest Rosie and Chelsea,

First of all, I genuinely enjoy both of your work.  From what I know, you are raw, real and funny as hell! I think we would have great talks over dinner. I think you’re both worldly and whip-smart. I can imagine learning a ton from the both of you.  But I don’t genuinely know you or the feelings you have behind your probably-not-the-smartest comments you made on Rosie’s show.  I’m hoping the close-mindedness of your comments will actually spur change in a positive way.

I’m not so hurt by what you said, partly because I’m used to it.  I’ve experienced it first hand.  It’s more painful coming from people I actually know and opportunities actually lost because of ignorance.  A lot of people think the same thing, only most people don’t voice it or don’t have a public platform from which to speak.  I really want to change your mind, but I don’t think this can be done through screaming.  I think the only way to change your mind is for you to get to know me, or someone in my community, someone who is educated, passionate and fully alive.

I’ve lived in Hollywood for 3 years now.  I’ve seen a lot.  I am a teacher and an actress.  A lot of people out there have the exact same prejudices.  Nothing really surprises me in humanity in general.  Let’s hope that by you voicing your thoughts so publicly, that we can use your platform to make a difference, to really have a discussion that brings light and changes minds.  Vilifying either of you won’t really do that.

Chelsea– us LP’s, well I can only speak for myself, we don’t need to be rescued by you.  I get how you feel about Chuy.  He seems to have had a pretty painful life.  But you’re kind of perpetuating the problem.   We just want to be equal in society, we don’t want to be fetishes. Not all of us work in the porn industry and need to be rescued.  A lot of us are pretty darn normal.

  • “I want to tackle them.”
  • “Who else is going to give that guy of job?  Someone has to rescue him.  There’s not a lot of opportunities for that kind of people, they need our help.”

And Rosie–thanks for your honesty but get to know me so you won’t be afraid. We’re pretty freakin’ normal, well most of us, and yeah- don’t be scared.  Here’s where people get angry.  You’re a staunch advocate for equal rights in the LGBT community.  If you’re going to stand for the marginalized, you need to stand for all the marginalized.  If I campaign for No H8, I’d really like you to do the same.  As they say, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

  • “No that would be child abuse, I would never do that.”
  • “I have so many feelings, I can’t just act normal.”

Little People are as varied as black people, fat people, gay people, etc. Please, educate yourselves so you aren’t ignorant.  A lot of my LP acquaintances and friends want to vilify you both.  I just think you need some education, you need some healing.  We’re all a little bit broken.  So let’s do dinner and meet somewhere in the middle.

C’mon ladies, let’s just talk.


P.S. I’ve read all of your books, ladies!
P.P.S. Ro, I like your show’s new 1-on-1 format MUCH better!
P.P.P.S. After Lately is amazeballs!


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  1. Thanks so much for your post! Although there is a range of emotions that come up when confronted with this kind of ignorance, the sooner one comes to that place of “what can be constructively be done to effect positive change here?”, the better off we all are. So much more from be done from a place of positivity. Thank you for putting it so well!
    Best, jodi, mom to a 2 year old cutie with achondroplasia

  2. This was the best-stated reaction I’ve seen in this “mess.” Well done! I hope they take you up on your offer. Education is key to ignorance, and that is all this is.

    ~Sara (Mom to 7 year old who happens to have a rare bone dysplasia)

  3. Beautiful letter. I too hope that they take you up on your offer. You are right, getting mad won’t solve anything, but education and acceptance will. Thank you for a well thought out letter that says it all.

    -Trey (mother of a 13 year old young lady with Diastrophic Dysplasia)

  4. True ignorant damage was done. Hard to believe this occurred in our times. Would you feel the same if another minority were treated the same? Most especially from someone who advocates inclusiveness?

  5. I do not understand, why are little people being treated like this, they are just like us but a little smaller…same hurt, same pain, same love etc etc…get real Rosie you want to run for office yet you show this kind of discrimination.

  6. Was this letter sent to Chelsea and
    rosie? Such well thought out prose cannot only be limited to those that happen to read your post.

    I am considered as typical as far as height is concerned. I am not normal –that seems to imply that LP’s are abnormal.

    Has a petition been circulated and sent in to support your letter? Can you gather together and request an audience of LP’s? Would you consider making up and sending Rosie a t shirt with a very clever (non-confrontational) message. Could the actor you talk about be your advocate?

    Yes Rosie can be an ass –so can anyone whose performance is not fully scripted. I have seen her apologize though–this could be a great opening to educate not only her, but a prime time national audience. (PS I’m not being preachy I am an advocate who also has been in advertising).

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