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an open letter to rosie and chelsea



Dearest darlingest Rosie and Chelsea,

First of all, I genuinely enjoy both of your work.  From what I know, you are raw, real and funny as hell! I think we would have great talks over dinner. I think you’re both worldly and whip-smart. I can imagine learning a ton from the both of you.  But I don’t genuinely know you or the feelings you have behind your probably-not-the-smartest comments you made on Rosie’s show.  I’m hoping the close-mindedness of your comments will actually spur change in a positive way.

I’m not so hurt by what you said, partly because I’m used to it.  I’ve experienced it first hand.  It’s more painful coming from people I actually know and opportunities actually lost because of ignorance.  A lot of people think the same thing, only most people don’t voice it or don’t have a public platform from which to speak.  I really want to change your mind, but I don’t think this can be done through screaming.  I think the only way to change your mind is for you to get to know me, or someone in my community, someone who is educated, passionate and fully alive.

I’ve lived in Hollywood for 3 years now.  I’ve seen a lot.  I am a teacher and an actress.  A lot of people out there have the exact same prejudices.  Nothing really surprises me in humanity in general.  Let’s hope that by you voicing your thoughts so publicly, that we can use your platform to make a difference, to really have a discussion that brings light and changes minds.  Vilifying either of you won’t really do that.

Chelsea– us LP’s, well I can only speak for myself, we don’t need to be rescued by you.  I get how you feel about Chuy.  He seems to have had a pretty painful life.  But you’re kind of perpetuating the problem.   We just want to be equal in society, we don’t want to be fetishes. Not all of us work in the porn industry and need to be rescued.  A lot of us are pretty darn normal.

  • “I want to tackle them.”
  • “Who else is going to give that guy of job?  Someone has to rescue him.  There’s not a lot of opportunities for that kind of people, they need our help.”

And Rosie–thanks for your honesty but get to know me so you won’t be afraid. We’re pretty freakin’ normal, well most of us, and yeah- don’t be scared.  Here’s where people get angry.  You’re a staunch advocate for equal rights in the LGBT community.  If you’re going to stand for the marginalized, you need to stand for all the marginalized.  If I campaign for No H8, I’d really like you to do the same.  As they say, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

  • “No that would be child abuse, I would never do that.”
  • “I have so many feelings, I can’t just act normal.”

Little People are as varied as black people, fat people, gay people, etc. Please, educate yourselves so you aren’t ignorant.  A lot of my LP acquaintances and friends want to vilify you both.  I just think you need some education, you need some healing.  We’re all a little bit broken.  So let’s do dinner and meet somewhere in the middle.

C’mon ladies, let’s just talk.


P.S. I’ve read all of your books, ladies!
P.P.S. Ro, I like your show’s new 1-on-1 format MUCH better!
P.P.P.S. After Lately is amazeballs!


eschalon is a big word and i gots to use it!


christine staub

giudice'sso for all you real housewives of new jersey trainwreck viewers like me, this post is a little bit about competition and i’m sure the talons are out between teresa giudice and danielle staub considering christine staub (danielle’s 15 year-old daughter) just got a mega deal being signed by the elite img models.  the show followed teresa giudice’s attempt to get little daughter gia signed to wilhemina models.

that’s just my shallow note today–now onto more meaningful subject matter…

competition creates better products.  alliances create better companies.

-brian graham

maybe for some of you this topic is BLAH BLAH BLAH, but i’ve been thinking about it a lot.  i’m really grateful to have supportive, synergistic friends in the entertainment industry.  friends that are quick to help me be a better actor and there’s a reciprocity that makes our friendships feel equally encouraging.  i really don’t get the concept of desperate social climbing or not wanting everyone to be at the top of their game.  in my teaching experience, i’ve always felt that i am only as good as my assistant.  so a lot of my time and energy has gone into mentoring her so that she feels confident in her own abilities and thus brings more into the classroom.  i get how the entertainment industry is tough and very few people get into the elite upper-eschalon of success, but really?  how often, if ever, would i ever be going head-to-head against a friend for a role?  is it because i am a little person and let’s face it, if that’s not a niche–what is?  i guess entertainment industry aside–i just don’t get the whole concept of not helping other people realize their full potential.  i have a lot to learn from others and thankfully, i have a few things to offer the world as well.  this is starting to sound a little oprah–

it takes a village to raise a child…

but i really mean it.  thoughts?  comment below!  :)

photos courtesy of img models and flypaper.

the funniest women in town


ok, i would literally kill to be a fly on the wall here.  the funniest comediennes of my time.  does it get any better than hanging out with kristen wiig, amy poehler, tina fey and jenna fischer? 

personal opinion though, they should have invited molly shannon and megan mullally too.  maybe megs (like how i call her megs, like i know her?!) isn’t in the same genre.  and i kinda feel bad for rachel dratch.  can’t wait for baby mama!  oh, and i hope my precious arden myrin branches out from madtv ’cause girl has some chops.

if you want to laugh your pants off, check out – specifically the penelope sketches and the target lady.

OMG OMG You Guys!


Follow up, follow up, I am beyond honored to have been asked to co-host this year’s National LPA Conference Talent Show.  Josh’s boyfriend, the amazing David Andora, has designed our website and come up with all the promotional materials!  The stakes are high, I can’t wait! :)  I love hosting.

Check out our official website here and come back as it will be updated.

being a good girl?


okay this is just a bit much.  so cnn is covering jamie lynn spears pregnancy like their salvation depends on it.  i mean i expect it on entertainment shows, but this is C-N-N!

so then good morning america has to get on the bandwagon and proclaim that they know the good girls of hollywood.  like seriously, these 12 young ladies that they featured are the pedestaled elite of the goody two-shoed club.  and i just have to ask- do we even truly know these women?  i’m not saying they’re not good girls, just what the heck qualifies them for such a title.  aren’t we all a little good and a little bad, a little light and a little dark?  and yeah, i like miley cyrus aka hannah montana from what i know of her on oprah- but seriously, i’m just an outsider looking in.

so then lisa whelchel (blair from facts of life) goes on record empathizing with the young starlet baby spears.  it’s just funny.  so i get the discrepancy that i am joining the parade and commenting myself on a young woman i do not personally know– it’s just so ironic to me that we make character assessments based on no personal connection!

oh and gma is also asking if jamie lynn’s career is over.  wow.  i think we are in just a little too deep – we’ve been eating sugar so long, it’s rotting our teeth.  pop sugar that is.

baby, baby, baby


 Comedienne Kathy Griffin has come under fire from a former TV costar for joking about Jesus at the Creative Emmy Awards on Saturday night. The funnywoman, who claimed the Outstanding Reality Programm prize for her show Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List, upset Christians by poking fun at her peers who thanked Christ for their good fortune. In her acceptance speech, Griffin quipped, “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus… This award is my God now.” Griffin’s comments have upset her former Suddenly Susan co-star Sherri Shepherd, who is also a stand-up comic. On TV show The View on Tuesday morning, Shepherd raged, “I love Kathy but I was trying to text her, ‘Girl, you know you ain’t supposed to be saying no mess like that.’ There’s just a line that you shouldn’t cross, there’s a reverence for God that we should have.” Griffin’s taped acceptance speech will be heavily censored when it airs at the official Emmy Awards on Sunday. Officials at the Catholic League, a U.S. anti-defamation group, called on Emmy bosses to “denounce Griffin’s obscene and blasphemous comment” at Sunday’s ceremony.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I live and breathe and live entertainment.  So when Hollywood and Jesus intersect, I’m all over that.  I pretty much read every industry news brief I can get my hands on.  (And although  I love analyzing fashion, I’m not just reading for the latest gossip as hard as that is to believe).  Anything industry and I’m reading it, except for Variety, the industry standard, whose subscription is a few hundred dollars.  Thankfully, the new e-version brings the price down to $165.

Anyways, I appreciate Kathy Griffin’s caustic humor at times, in spurts, I get what she is going for.  She’s off-the-cuff, irreverent and gutsy at best.  But quotes like the one above just make me think, (insert grandmotherly, matronly voice-over) “baby-baby-baby, what’s happened to you?”

I want to know who hurt her, who marred her deeply, so that behind every joke is deep pain.  I want to get behind the caustic one-liners and beyond the stage-mask and see.  People (namely Christians) often find my favorite entertainers to be a little off-the-wall and unexpected.  I appreciate Rosie.  I think we would be friends, okay maybe I wish.  Because there is always something there, behind the persona, that beats just like mine.

Kathy Griffin is funny.  I get it.  Maybe her “Jesus joke” is a whole lot deeper, I truly hope it is. 

I hope if I ever “make it” I will take risks and reach out–to stand on both sides of the gap between faith and entertainment, and reach for the hands of both sides.